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Match the Matterhorn

Indoor Climbing Challenge
Harrogate Climbing Centre, Hornbeam Park
Choose your 1 hour time slot during Friday 29th 4pm to 9pm and Saturday 30th August 2014 10am to 3pm
In August our very own Trustee and Harrogate business man; Richard Cook is climbing the Matterhorn on the border between Switzerland and Italy; a mountain recognised for its difficulty to climb. Its summit is 4,478 metres (14,690 ft) high, making it one of the highest peaks in the Alps.
In support of his challenge and to help raise funds for sick children in Africa we are looking for individuals and teams to join together to match the 4,478 metre climb. It is a great way to raise money for the Funzi and Bodo Trust and there is no need to travel 1000 miles to do it! You do not have to have any previous climbing experience as you will be looked after by Harrogate Climbing Centres fully trained instructors. The way it works is you register to take part in 1 hour slots for a none refundable registration fee of £5 per hour. We have a maximum number of 9 people per team. Within the hour you will climb a minimum of 50 meters. We ask that each person aims to raise a minimum sponsorship of £50.
To register please contact Paula on 07545 255294 or


Group Sky Dive Saturday 4th October 2014

Feeling brave, why not experience the thrill of a 10,000 freefall charity tandem skydive for Funzi and Bodo Trust?

Tandom Sky DiveEntry for our charity group skydive on Saturday 4th October 2014 at Brigg airfield, North Lincolnshire is now open.

Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway in an aircraft flying at 10,000 feet - the noise of the engines and the wind ringing in your ears with only the outline of distant fields below.

Now imagine leaning forward out of that doorway and letting go - falling forward into the clouds, diving down through the air as you start freefalling at over 120mph!

Then imagine the peace and quiet as the canopy opens, the steering toggles come down either side of you and you begin a tranquil parachute descent from a mile up in the air, steering yourself back down to the centre of the drop zone below.

Imagine being able to do this for free whilst harnessed to a professional freefall parachute instructor and at the same time being able to help children and families in Kenya! Stop imagining, it's real and it's happening all the time and you can be part of it...

For more information, call Paula on 07545 255294 or email

Sahara Desert Trek 13th November to 18th November 2014

Experience the beauty of one of the most breathtaking and largest deserts in the world – The Sahara!

Hike through this ever changing landscape and climb to the top of the massive Chigaga Dunes,  to witness the desert sun-rise. The days will be hot, and the trekking will be tough, but the rewards of conquering this desert and the pleasure of having the volcanic Anti-Atlas Mountains as the backdrop will be worth it!

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Zambezi Challenge  6th Sep 2014 - 13th Sep 2014 



Charity challenges just don’t get much more extreme than this! Water sport enthusiasts consider The Zambezi one of the BIGGEST white-water rivers in the world! Beneath the mist of the stunning Victoria Falls, deep in the Batoka Gorge would have to be one of the most dramatic places in the World to start a charity challenge white-water rafting trip.

From the very first rapid encountered, you have embarked on a river journey with some of the most exhilarating white-water and spectacular scenery that you’ll experience in your life. Exceptionally challenging, The Zambezi Challenge is a rafting expedition that will take you through some of the worlds biggest commercially run rapids – this charity challenge is not for the faint hearted.

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Guided Historical York Walks from 15th October 2013

Considering a visit to York and would like a one and a half to two hour guided walk round some of the historical sites covering Roman history to modern times.

Your trained guide Pam belongs to the Association of Voluntary Guides to the city of York and is happy to do one off additional personal walks for donations in support of the Funzi and Bodo Trust.

To arrange a mutually convenient time please phone Pam on 01904 848326








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