Bringing Clean Water to Funzi    

Five new wells are being installed on Funzi. For the first time people on the far side of the island will have proper wells fitted with pumps.

Before the Funzi and Bodo Trust stepped in people drew water from holes in the ground. These were open to the atmosphere and dirty buckets dropped into them left villagers open to infection and sickness

The money for  the wells was donated by Muslims in Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire. They donated money throughout Ramadan raising six thousand pounds.

The villagers in the remote part of the island where they are located have praised the donors saying it will transform their lives. Their children will have much safer water to drink.

The Funzi and Bodo Trust is delighted by this effort and hope t wrk with the Muslim community in the future. 

Glaxo Smith Kline Help Funzi and Bodo Trust

 The international company Glaxo Smth Kline is working with the Funzi and BOdo Trst to bring clean drining water to children at Funzi School.

The rooves of the primary school built by the charity are being used to gather rain water during the monsoon season. This water is then being stored in a he tank built with funding from GSK

The Funzi and Bodo Trust have managed the project throughout and have been really pleased by the partnership. It’s hoped that in the future an additional tank can be built using other parts of the bulding.

Water from wells in the main Funzi village have dangerous salt level . This leads to conditions whoch the charity’s clinic has to treat in young and old alike. It’s hoped this is just one step towards reducing that rblem and creating healthier families



The Funzi and Bodo Trust YouTube Channel publishes the latest video news from Funzi.


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