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Clothes Collection Saturday 23rd November

Help us build a clothes mountain to raise funds for the Funzi and Bodo Trust helping children and families in Africa. Raid your wardrobe,  attics and garages and bring along your unwanted collection of good quality second-hand clothing, bedding, curtains, soft toys, shoes, belts and handbags. Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to join in too.

Drop off anytime 10am to 4pm

Transglobe Strategic Solutions Ltd. 14 North Park Road Harrogate  North Yorkshire HG1 5PG

Richard's Challenges

"Congratulations to Richard from everyone at the Funzi and Bodo Trust on your brilliant climb and some great fundraising . We look forward hearing about and supporting your future climbs following you on

Richard one of our very own Trustees scaled new heights in August 2013 tackling the King of the Alps; Mont Blanc. At 4,800 meters high the summit is the highest point in Western Europe.  In 2014 and 2015 Richard also aims to take on Ama Dablan at 6,850 metres in Nepal and finally Everest itself at a mighty 8,850 metres.

This is not Richards only challenge as he aims to raise £150,000 for Funzi and Bodo Trust by the end of 2015.

If you wish to support Richard in his quest please donate at alternatively you may wish to complete your own challenge or event in support of our work.  For more information contact Paula at

Ambitious Plan Revealed

The trustees of the Funzi and Bodo Trust have revealed ambitious plans for the future of the charity.
Having completed the birthing rooms at Bodo and the Kindergarten on Funzi the trustees have decided to think big for  the future and aim to fundraise for a number of major projects.

Top of the list are three targets.  A water desalination unit for Funzi, a new clinic wing at Bodo for those who are very sick or need monitoring and a solar powered computer training centre on Funzi.

At present people on Funzi are drinking water that is three times more salty than is considered safe to drink. A study of the drinking water and sanitation needs of the island will be undertaken in partnership with a leading University. A solar solution is currently favoured. The aim would be to provide clean, unsalted drinking water in a quantity which would meet the needs of all villagers.

In Bodo the clinic has been developing for the past few years. It now has first rate birthing rooms and a lab for testing for serious illness as well as the examination room.  It’s so impressed local health officials they have suggested a further development. These extra rooms will be critical at times when there are outbreaks of illness like cholera where people need 24 hour supervision.

Funzi people have long asked for a computer training centre. Educational achievement is still low and giving the children access to 21 century technology and skills will mean access to invaluable resources. It’s hoped this will help get them better jobs and break the cycle of poverty. With no electricity on the island the trust will look for a solar option. The trust already has a training centre at Bodo

All of this will require major fundraising and grant applications but the Trust feels it should be ambitious and have confidence in the generosity of individuals and organisations to help fulfil the vision it has for the people of Funzi and Bodo
Big Hope For Small Kids in 2013

The new Funzi kindergarten is being built and should be ready by early September. It will include three classrooms and a fenced play area. The children will also have their own toilet block . A new cook house and store is being constructed.

This has been made possible thanks to a series of grants including a significant gift from the Overseas Aid committee of Guernsey. It has been backed up hard work and enterprise from supporters of the Trust.
Until recently the children have been in a tumbled down old structure .At one stage the floor was just rocks where they had to sit to be taught.

At certain times of the year food can become very scarce and food aid is brought in. The only meal the children may receive is the one they get at school.  Until now this has been cooked under some rusting corrugated iron.

Toilets for small children are an entirely new innovation. There is no sanitation system in Funzi and not all houses have toilets. Those that do are generally a simple hole in the ground. Small children are often the most vulnerable to ill health and disease and new toilets and hand washing facilities will be a major step forward.

New Birthing Rooms  Open and we have delivered our first baby 

 The birthing rooms at the Bodo clinic have new been completed.  Our first baby was delived in the clinic on Wednesday 14th March.The rooms are attached to the Bodo clinic and have been equipped with all the modern technology needed to deliver babies safely. The Trust has also appointed a nurse, Halima, who will specialise in health care for women and children. She will be supported by a second member of staff, Mwatme, who has been receiving training at the Kinondo clinic. Together they will not only deliver babies but work with women in the community on health issues. This will include contraceptive advice, HIV awareness  and the weighing and monitoring of  small children for under nourishment. They will also work with girls in the local schools on self-esteem issues and eventually work with boys too.   Unrtil the birthing rooms were opened most women were giving birth onto mud floors at home risking serious infection to themselves and their babies.  

Improved Lab Facilities

The Bodo clinic has a new lab where the charity can test for a range of conditions and illnesses. It has appointed a new technician and invested in more equipment.  The lab has also had a make-over with a complete internal refurbishment.  The neighbouring nurse’s room has undergone a similar upgrade. The facility was praised when it was visited by a range of healthcare professionals and managers from the district hospital. They recommend that at some stage in the future it might become a 24 hour operation and extend its services even further. While this is not in the immediate plans of the Trust  it is an indication of the standard of the clinic, lab and birthing rooms.



Funzi School To Get Kindergarten


Islanders are celebrating the news that the Funzi and Bodo Trust is set to begin work on building a new kindergarten at their primary school. The trust rebuilt the primary school and opened a library four years ago.  As well as a kindergarten the Trust will build a cookhouse at the school and new toilets for the small children.

New Teaching Aids For Funzi Teachers

A new head teacher at Funzi school asked the Trust to provide his teachers with a complete set of teaching aids. The Trust has responded with the delivery of books to cover every aspect of the curriculum. It is also going to use its resource centre at Bodo to give teachers access to computer lessons and other materials they need to improve standards at their school.  Other improvements at the school will include a complete repainting of the building inside and out. There will also be better rainwater collection systems and support for the children to learn about growing food and respecting their environment.


Birthing Rooms Underway

Work has begun on the new birthing rooms in Bodo Village. The builders are on site and have started to modify parts of the clinic to accommodate them and also to build new sections to the building.  

SAM_0207.JPGThe project is aimed at ending the misery of women having to give birth onto mud floors where they and their babies can suffer from – and potentially die- from infections. They will also be a safe, clean environment where a qualified midwife can look after the women and newly born babies. It will offer simple services not available in the village like a solar powered shower and a toilet. There will also be facilities like free tea for patients and waiting relatives.
But it won’t stop there. The centre will also offer ante natal classes and accommodate the weighing and monitoring of small children.

The Bodo birthing centre will also teach local women who have acted as unquailed midwives in the past the opportunity to learn new skills to support pregnant women. This will also guarantee them an income .  

The project will also see additional work being done at the medical centre with an upgrade of other facilities including the lab where we test for diseases ike malaria and the doctor’s rooms.

New Clinic for people suffering with jiggers

Jigger SuffererPeople in Bodo suffer terribly from small worms which live in the wet sand and which burrow into their skin. The children are worst effected and it's not uncommon for children to have the parasites all over their body. The worms cause great discomfort and particularly at night when the children are in bed. If left they can cause significant health problems. Although some chemical solutions can remove jiggers they usually have to be removed with a blade .

This is very distressing for children. The Funzi and Bodo Trust has started regular clinics staffed by trained professionals who remove the jiggers as painlessly and as safely as possible. The charity is also helping the many children who have ring worm . Only by offering this regular care and attention can there be any hope of keeping the  jiggers under control and the children healthy. The most recent clinic left seasoned health professionals shocked by the suffering of the children. They have now volunteered their time free of charge to treat the most badly effected on a weekly basis.

new computer roomRemote Community Connected to the World

Villagers in Funzi and Bodo might suffer from isolation but they are fast connecting to the rest of the world thanks to a fantastic new computer centre built by the Trust. In a world where books are scarce children and adults are discovering sources of education, entertainment and news normally denied them. What’s more there’ll be a trainer on hand to teach them how to get the most out of the 21 computers connected to the internet. The Trust hopes that the cycle of poverty experienced by generations of people can be broken too. With new skills people can get jobs and bring money back into the village.

Birthing Rooms NextBirthing Room coming soon for Mothers and their children

The Funzi and Bodo Trust is to build two birthing rooms in a bid to save lives of mothers and their children. Many women have their babies at home onto mud floors. There is a real risk of potentially fatal infection to both mother and child. The birthing rooms will provide a safe, clean environment where women can go when they go into labour. It will be stocked with all the equipment needed for a safe delivery with separate rooms for washing, delivery and recovery. The scheme will include the training of local women to act as midwives.

Local Kenyan business supports the Funzi and Bodo Trust 

A Kenyan business based in the heart of the village of Bodo is to support the work of the Funzi and Bodo Trust. The Funzi Kinazini Dhow company operates traditional Arab sailing ships and takes tourists to see the amazing sea and birdlife in the area around Funzi island. You can read more about them at:

The owner of the company Henry Leuth said " We are really impressed by the work of the Funzi and Bodo Trust and we share their concerns for the people who live in the villages of Bodo and Funzi. Their track record in education and health is something we would like to help them continue and extend. Many of the tourists who visit this beautiful place want to know how they can help. This is probabaly the best way they can and we shall be encouraging them to get involved. "

The company will also be working with the Funzi and Bodo Trust to identify projects we can work on together to improve the lives of the villagers, Discussions are already underway.

Biggest Challenge For Supporters

Despite remarkable achievements in just four years the Funzi and Bodo trust still doesn’t have enough regular monthly donors to sustain the work of its clinics. Each month it falls short by several hundred pounds. This means the gap has to be filled by endless fundraising. The trust desperately needs more people to step forward and agree to give a small monthly amount.. Together they could transform the future and save lives of people in greatest need. So please consider signing up here today….

Sharka's Cancer ChallengeSharka’s Cancer Challenge

At eight years old Sharka is living with skin cancer . She was in a lot of pain and was not receiving any treatment when she was brought to the Trust.. Since then she has undergone operations to remove tumours from her mouth and she can now eat and speak normally again. Further treatment to her eyes has improved her vision and by providing new cotton clothing she doesn’t suffer from constant irritation. Sharka will now be provided with long term care and is enjoying a full family life. The trust continues to take her to monthly hospital surgeries and funds all her medicine and treatment. .

Ripon Grammar School (RGS) Raising Money for The Funzi and Bodo Trust

Ashley Peatfield was invited to speak about the trust at the school on 16 March. Following the special assembly, the Lower School, Years 1 and 2 at RGS, have embarked on projects to raise funds for the Trust over the coming weeks. 8 forms are competing against each other to raise the largest amount over the coming weeks, with each form planning fund raising strategies. Pupils have also been encouraged to keep 'loose change' jars at home to add to the funds.

We are looking forward to seeing how the forms get on over the coming weeks and will publicise the results here! The total raised was just over £800! A fantastic effort!! Visit the Ripon Grammar School website

Ripley St. Thomas School

A school in Lancaster has adopted the Funzi and Bodo Trust as its chosen charity. From now on fourty per cent of everything it raises for charity will be given to the Trust! School chaplain Suzanne Irvine looks at the solar microscope at Funzi clinicThe Ripley St.Thomas Church of England School heard about the charity's work from their chaplain Suzanne Irvine. She visited the island and wanted to do whatever she could to help children being supported by the Funzi and Bodo Trust.

Suzanne told her headteacher Liz Nicholls and they discussed the idea with the pupils. The school council voted for the move and Ripley St.Thomas has already made significant donations making extra work possible on the island.

A number of pupils have made individual donations on top of the work done by the school. Giving up fizzy drinks to raise money or donating to the charity from their Christmas money have been two examples. The Chairman of the Trust, Ashley Peatfield, spent a day leading assemblies and meeting pupils at the school.Visit the Ripley St Thomas website

New Funzi film - Rebuilding Bodo School & Disaster at Sea

Funzi and Bodo Trust Update from Evolution Networking on Vimeo.

10 June 2010

We have received news of a third death from cholera. This time a young woman of just 19 years who had a baby of just over a year old. She had been suffering from another illness and although recovered was weak. When she got cholera she was unable to survive the illness. It's a cause of great sadness for everyone. There has also been an outbreak of dysentry reported with 8 people already sick.

"A second death from cholera, reported at the weekend has shocked everyone in Bodo village. We continue to provide extra medicines, additional nursing and have supplied extra beds for those who are sick to sleep on. The trust continues to provide additional funding, medical staff and funding to support local people through this crisis. Please help us to continue this suport by donating any amount of cash you can spare."

Spirits were lifted when three children who were admitted to the clinic with cholera last week began to show good signs of recovery."

We are very sad to report the first death from cholera on Funzi in the recent outbreak. The case is doubly tragic as it's the father of baby Idris who has died. Idris is the child born with his feet facing the wrong way and the Funzi and Bodo Trust been supporting the family through a series of complex medical procedures . In March the trust bought the family a baby walker at the request of doctors to help strengthen the child's muscles and aid his ability to walk.

Idris' father was a quiet but strong advocate for his son and for a very poor family like this, his death will be even more devastating, with serious implications for the family's future, an issue the Trust must now address. At the same time more and more people are coming to the clinics with serious health conditions which suggests the spread of the cholera is on the march.

The Trust is responding by employing a second nurse for the duration of the outbreak, so that both villages have a full time medical expert on hand twenty four hours a day. We are also providing additional help so that the ambulance can reach sick people and take them to hospital .

The Funzi and Bodo Trust is also working closely with the Government health officials and undertaking health education and distributing water purification tablets.

The recent deaths of up to 16 children in a neraby village has made urgent action necessary. All of this requires additional and unexpected financial demands on the Funzi and Bodo Trust. Trust Chairman, Ashley Peatfield , said "We will respond with even more determination in these challenging circumstances. We will do whatever is necessary to raise the funds to provide or pay for services that can save lives. The villagers on Funzi are shocked by the recent death and we are too- we knew the family very well and care for them and all the others at risk. We are appealing to people to respond wherever possible by donating to us a single amount or even more importantly becoming regular monthly donors -no matter how small- so that we are in a position to respond whenever these crisis present themselves.

If you would like to support the Trust financially, please contact us.




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