The Trust receives generous support from a growing number of companies and individuals, our thanks go to all who help us.

TransGlobe Investmens Limited

An initial plea for assistance in respect of the maintenance of a water pump led, in 2006, to the establishment of The TransGlobe Charitable Foundation. TransGlobe, along with The Funzi and Bodo Trust, has worked with the local community to re-develop and resource the local health clinic. Already the success of this is apparent with significant reductions in cases of life threatening diseases such as malaria.

Did you know that making a charitable donation can allow you to reclaim the tax paid thus reducing your tax bill?  Find further information and details of how to make a charitable donation.




Bag2School is your locally based, nationally run and internationally diverse textile recycling company.

Bag2School is a free fundraising scheme established in 2001. We work in partnership with schools, businesses, community groups, local councils and charities, to help you raise funds from your unwanted textiles.

Over 18,000 schools have raised over £7 Million. Don't Throw That Funding Away!


Kenyan Business Backs Funzi and Bodo Trust

A Kenyan business based in the heart of the village of Bodo is to support the work of the Funzi and Bodo Trust. The Funzi Kinazini Dhow company operates traditional Arab sailing ships and takes tourists to see the amazing sea and birdlife in the area around Funzi island. You can read more about them at:

The owner of the company Henry Leuth said " We are really impressed by the work of the Funzi and Bodo Trust and we share their concerns for the people who live in the villages of Bodo and Funzi. Their track record in education and health is something we would like to help them continue and extend. Many of the tourists who visit this beautiful place want to know how they can help. This is probabaly the best way they can and we shall be encouraging them to get involved. "

The company will also be working with the Funzi and Bodo Trust to identify projects we can work on together to improve the lives of the villagers, Discussions are already underway.


Lakshmi Yoga

Lakshmi Yoga specialise in Dru Yoga and Meditation classes providing tuition across North Leeds and the Yorkshire area.

Lakshmi Yoga very kindly donate some of their profit to the Funzi and Bodo Trust.

Visit them here:


The Meaningful Chocolate Company



The Meaningful Chocolate Company has confirmed its continued support for the Trust in 2015 after the 2014 Advent calendar raised just under £14,000 to provide medical care for mothers and babies at the Trust’s clinics. 





The Funzi and Bodo Trust YouTube Channel publishes the latest video news from Funzi.

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