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Baby Idris
Baby Idris
The Tailor, Mr Shea
Mr Zuberi
Our patients


Some of people that we have helped include:




Baby IdrisBaby Idris was born with his feet facing in the wrong direction. He was destined to a life of shuffling on his bottom. Later in life he would be unlikely to find work or find a partner. In 2010 he was struck another blow when his father was the first to die in a cholera outbreak. The Funzi and Bodo Trust has paid for two operations, bought him a baby walker to strengthen his leg muscles and paid for physiotherapy sessions. Today Idris is not only walking but is able to run too. He has gone from being a withdrawn child to one who smiles constantly. The trust has also supported the family following Idris’ Dad’s death.


Mr. Zuberi


Mr ZuberiThis seasoned snake catcher was caught unawares when confronted by a spitting cobra. The attack left him unable to see and with the real prospect that he would losr his sight altogether see. Prompt action by the medical team meant that he was treated and then taken to the Kwale Eye Centre. A charity the Funzi and Bodo Trust often works with. After treatment there and an operation he will be able to see. A keen book reader this is a huge relief to him.  




Mwanakombo's RoomMwanakombo and her new wheelchairMwanakombo suffered from polio which left her unable to walk . When the Funzi and Bodo Trust came to her help she was spending her life on a broken bed under siege from bed bugs and mosquitoes. Her education had ceased because she couldn’t get out of the house. Her arms and legs are painfully thin She had been looked after by a grandparent who died in the cholera outbreak of 2010. The Funzi and Bodo Trust pays for hospital for treatment three times a week. The Trust also has hot meals taken to her three times a day to build her strength.  The Trust has provided a wheelchair which has made it possible for her to get about and have a social life. In 2011 the Trust arranged for her to return to school. She promised to be “the best in her class.”

Her room has been rid of bugs , she has a new bed and her room has a floor , plastered walls and has been painted for the first time. She has bed and bedding.




 Fida and his sisterFida is one of three boys in the Bodo village to have sickle cell disease. This life threatening condition can often leave him in pain . He is also more vulnerable to malaria than other children. The Funzi and Bodo Trust takes the boys to a special clinic at Kilifi each month. All aspects of his welfare are dealt with at the clinic.





 Sharka has skin cancer. The condition left her with little sight, tumours on her tongue making eating difficult and pain from the sores all over her body. The Funzi and Bodo Trust pays for her to see cancer specialists and provides the medicine needed to take away the suffering. It has paid for an operation to remove the tumour from her tongue and eye treatment to improve her sight. High factor skin cream is provided, sun glasses to protect her eyes and clothes which do not irritate her skin.




The Tailor, Mr SheaThe Bodo tailor had a huge leg wound which bled on a daily basis. All he could do was wrap it in rags. The Funzi and Bodo Trust arranged for him to have a tissue implant to close the wound. It has provided physiotherapy for two years and provided the family with food and other support. Shea was the bread winner for 9 people and without this support could not have gone ahead with the operation. Today he is close to being able to walk normally again and is starting to work at his sewing machine again.