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Resources Centre

With 21 brand new computers and a full time trainer the resource centre in Bodo is ground breaking.

More so when you consider it’s in a village of mud huts, no running water or proper sanitation in homes.

It might seem an odd choice of development project . But it’s an investment in a better future for the people in the village – especially the children.

People in the villages live poverty. With little or no work young people have children who then grow up and are trapped in the same poverty as their parents. It’s a vicious circle.

The Funzi and Bodo Trust hopes that by giving school children and adults training in modern technology they are better educated and can compete for better paid jobs. They also have skills in an area of future demand. This brings income to families and stimulates growth in the village economy as people have money to spend in local shops.

The resource centre is not just a training centre but a place where people can end their isolation from the outside world and access resources and learning materials to enhance their lives. Or just allow them to indulge their interests like their passion for English premiership soccer. It will operate as a cyber café in the evenings.