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A room in Funzi Primary in need of restoration
The staff room at Funzi Primary
Funzi Primary School

Funzi Primary School

The Funzi and Bodo Trust has knocked down and re-built two schools. 

Funzi Primary was falling apart when the work began in 2007. Children had no desks to sit at, animals used the school for shelter leaving their droppings behind and classrooms had holes in their floors. The low roof made the classrooms like an oven and lessons had to take place outside because of the heat. Teachers only had a few ragged and donated books to teach with.

 In 2007 a major rebuild took place creating what the Chairman of the district council called “the best school in the district.” Local people were employed alongside skilled craftsmen to build a school which met modern standards in Kenya. Toilets and fresh water were part of the build. A teacher’s study room and a teacher’s house were built.

These have helped persuade good teachers to stay at the school.

The school was opened by the Managing Director of Transglobe Investments in Harrogate. Richard Cook had helped finance the rebuild.Hundreds of people came to the opening ceremony which included a feast for everyone in the village.

 In 2010 the trust opened a library at the school containing a thousand new books.The library will be open to children and adults.

Children in Kenya are desperate to learn and the Funzi and Bodo trust believes they have the right to a better education and real opportunity.New School Opening CelebrationMore than forty local families found employment during the Funzi school re building project. Conscious of the extreme poverty and unemployment in the villages of Funzi and Bodo, the Trust stipulated that the contractor must use local labour wherever possible. Women were employed to draw water at the well, carrying it in the traditional manner on their heads to the men mixing cement.

Watch the video of the building project: Funzi and Bodo Trust New Primary School