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Funzi and Bodo Clinics

The Funzi and Bodo Trust has two clinics. They provide low cost medical care six days a week. For a one off payment of about £1 the patient gets a consultation and all the medicines they need for as long as they need them. In cases of extreme poverty there is no cost.

Before the clinics opened people died or lived in extreme pain. They were unable to reach medical care or stayed away because of the cost. The isolation of the villages meant people would die because of the time it took them to get to a hospital.

The clinics are open seven days a week and are staffed by two nurses, an analyst who looks at blood and other samples to identify illness, a mother and baby care worker and support staff. Specialist doctors also visit. The charity also cares for those with long term or life limiting illness and conditions like sickle cell disease.

The clinic also weighs babies, immunities them against life threatening illnesses and monitors their weight and growth.

The Funzi and Bodo Trust works with the Kwale Eye Centre and holds eye clinics at the clinics. Free glasses are handed out and operations for cataracts are paid for by the Trust.

For patients with complex or life threatening illnesses the Funzi and Bodo Trust provides funds for operations and can provide financial support to families while patients are being treated. 

The Trust operates a road and water ambulance service to help patients reach hospital.

Many lives are being saved through the combination of a medical team on site and the speed hospital can now be reached.

Health education is a feature of our work and we also respond to major crisis like the cholera outbreak which claimed lives in both villages. During these times Bodo clinic becomes a small hospital with 24 hour care. 

See some of the patients that we have helped.