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New School
New School

Bodo Primary School

In 2010 the Funzi and Bodo Trust completed a rebuild of Bodo Primary School.

Despite being built in the late 1960’s children did not have desks or chairs until the new school was built.

Bodo Primary was in a worst state than Funzi had been. Teaching was a struggle in such primitive conditions.

The new school has even better facilities than Funzi primary. On top of the large, airy classrooms and staff facilitiesit boasts a kindergarten, a cook house where children can get a nutritious meal each day and for the first time a toilet block for boys and girls.

The assistant chief for the district opened the school saying that the Funzi and Bodo Trust had helped them achieve the millennium goals. He said he had never believed a rural school in a poor area like Bodo could ever have such facilities.