About The Clinics


One of the greatest challenges for people living in Funzi and Bodo is the isolation and lack of transport. People can die because they can’t reach the medical care they need.

 The Funzi and Bodo Trust operates a water and road ambulance service. This means that any time of the day or night people on Funzi can get off the island.

Funzi and Bodo Clinics

Our clinics offer a wide range of general medical care treating conditions from malaria to tooth ache. Recently we have been able to extend the range of specialist services. The work of our clinics remains at the heart of our activity in Kenya.

Helping People See

The Funzi and Bodo Trust has been working with the Kwale Eye centre for several years. The centre is run by an English doctor, Dr Helen Roberts MBE, who has won international recognition for her work.


For patients with complex or life threatening illnesses the Funzi and Bodo Trust provides funds for operations and can provide financial support to families while patients are being treated.