About The Schools

Bodo Primary School

Bodo School was rebuilt by the Trust in November 2010. The original school was built in 1960 but until the new school was built children continued to sit on mud floors and the building was without foundations and was unsafe. The new school has a cookhouse, kindergarten ,staff room , toilets and a resources centre.

Funzi Primary School

In 2007 we planned to renovate and rebuild part of the primary school on Funzi. The school was in very poor condition. There were no proper chairs and tables and many children had to sit on mud floors. Teaching facilities were few and far between.

Resources Centre

With 21 brand new computers and a full time trainer the resource centre in Bodo is ground breaking.

The Funzi and Bodo Trust hopes that by giving school children and adults training in modern technology they are better educated and can compete for better paid jobs