Where Are We

Funzi Island lies off the Southern Coast of Kenya. Whilst some parts of the island have been developed in order to develop tourism this apparant idyll masks other areas where basic standards in the form of utilities, health and education are not available to the indigenous community thus denying them a decent quality of life.

There are very few opportunities for employment in the villages. Some men fish while others work on a nearby sugar plantation. Those who have work can earn as little as 80 pence a day making feeding families a struggle. Some work is provided by tour companies or lodges but tourism is undergoing very difficult times. Families may carry out subsistence farming growing maze, millet and rice to help feed their families. Food poverty is common and at times food parcels are delivered to Funzi.

The Funzi and Bodo Trust hopes that through education –supporting the schools it built with libraries and computer training – children will have greater opportunities in the future and the cycle of poverty can be broken




The Funzi and Bodo Trust YouTube Channel publishes the latest video news from Funzi.

Funzi and Bodo Trust